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Flag of Kalseri.svg Kalșeri | Selected constate
Map of Kalșeri

Author: DatMaster001
Project: Independent
Capital: Evalria
Population: 28,773,400
Leader(s): President Maksimilianus Ureska
Summary: Kalșeri, (occasionally rendered as Kalseri or Kalsheri; /kælˈʃɛrɪ, kɔl-/, Kalhan: [kɐɫˈʃeɾɪ]), officially the State of Kalșeri (Rial Kalșeri) is an island country in North America, lying on the North Atlantic Ocean. It consists of a major island and several smaller islands, some of which inhabited. With a population of 28,773,400, Kalșeri is the 51st most populated country, between Mozambique and Madagascar.

Kalșeri is a federal presidential republic that consists of thirteen cantons. The President, who is also the head of government, is elected directly by the people every five years, and their powers include signing or vetoing bills passed by the High Council, which meets in the capital city of Evalria. The High Council is the organ through which the people request laws to be promulgated or repealed; it is headed by the High Summoner, who convenes or adjourns it and manages the day-to-day operations of the body.

Kalșeri is a member of several global organizations, such as the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, NATO, OECD, WTO, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the OSCE and the OAS.

Pre-Columbian Kalșeri was inhabited by several ethnic groups, among which the Lág people, who would rule the island until the arrival of the British. Following a period of co-existence with the Spanish and the French, much of modern-day Kalșeri was made into a British province in 1669; British rule would last until 1783, when, following a war of independence, Kalșeri was established as a kingdom. The re-established monarchy lasted until 1891, when a civil war broke out and ended with the division of Kalșeri into the Kalșerian Republic and the Reformed Kingdom Lág; this division lasted until 1952, when the two countries unified and the modern Kalșerian state was established. (more...)

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Coat of arms of Cancún

The coat of arms of Cancún was granted by the Court of the Lord Trenton on behalf of His Royal Majesty Lewis III in 1985 upon the partition of the Cancún region from Yucatán. It consists of an escutcheon bearing a sun, a moon, and a Chacmool figure. The arms are supported by a leopard on the dexter side and a dolphin on the sinister side. It bears the Lion of Scotland, wearing St. Edward's Crown and holding a golden poppy, symbolizing Sierra's authority over Cancún and the Kingdom's traditional claim over Great Britain in accordance to Jacobite historiography. Its motto reads "Libera me a malo" (Latin: Deliver me from evil).

Media: Vector image; author: Centrist16

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