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Flag of Brazoria.svg Republic of Brazoria | Selected constate

Author: Fizzyflapjack
Leader: Chancellor Robert Whitmore
Project: Altverse
Population: 44,516,726
Capital: Austin
Summary: The Republic of Brazoria is a sovereign state located in central North America. Brazoria is composed of 23 provinces, and it is bordered to the north by Superior, to the east by the United Commonwealth, to the west by Sierra, to the south by Mexico, and to the southeast by the Gulf of Mexico. Brazoria has a total land area of about 1,201,404 square kilometres, making it the world's 36th largest country by land area, and with an estimated population of 44.216 million people as of 2018, Brazoria is the 33rd most populous nation in the world.

Brazoria is a unitary parliamentary democracy. The President serves as the ceremonial head of state, while supreme political power is vested in the Diet, the unicameral legislature of the nation. The Chancellor, the head of government, is elected through a vote of confidence in the Diet at the beginning of every four year term, with the leader of the party or coalition of parties with a majority typically winning the position. The sovereignty of the Diet is guaranteed by the Constitution, a document that transitioned the original government into its modern form in 1848.

Brazoria funded quick expansion into its vast territorial claims, an action which resulted in the New Mexico Crisis and the ensuing Pact of the Rockies with Sierra. Cooperation with Sierra expanded into a full alliance after the outbreak of the War of Contingency, a conflict which assured the continued domestic growth of Brazoria without foreign intervention and had large implications on the economic direction of the country through the government-sponsored rise of domestic industralisation. Progressivism swept the nation as a burdgeoning middle class became increasingly aware of monopolistic business practices and their effect on government, and the discovery of oil at Spindletop only further hightened the dramatic reirganisation of industry in the country. However, the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl both halted this exponential growth, causing unprecedented economic and societal chaos, especially in more agriculturally-dependent regions. Tens of thousands emigrated into neighboring countries, and many more fled the countryside for the city, prompting the government to introduce stricter economic controls that would ultimately see the end of true lasseiz faire economics and the rise of the domineering Pact of the Left in the First Red Hurricane of 1932. Brazoria joined the Second World War in 1939 alongside the Allies, permanently solidifying the bond between itself and other Western nations as a global power. Brazoria co-founded NATO in 1949, signalling the nation's opposition to the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Cultural and political movements throughout the later half of the 20th Century saw a general societal embrace of diversity in the country and a vast rise in levels of both education and standards of living. However, the Great Recession of 2008 put an end to constant economic growth and saw a revival of Leftist spirit in the country through the Second Red Hurricane of that same year.

The economy of Brazoria is considered to be a developed mixed market with a generally high standard of living and a moderate cost of living. The national petroleum company, Brazoco, is one of the world's largest exporters of petroleum-based products, and the vast majority of its profits are put into the Brazorian National Development Trust. Brazoria was one of the world's earliest petroleum centres, and it continues today to possess some of the most productive oil refineries in the world, which are located predominantly in the national economic capital of Houston. Transportation services and shipping are also integral to the economy, due to the country's central continental location; the Port of Houston is the second-busiest container port on the continent. (more...)

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